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 I found this poem about the meaning of love! 

Someone who makes you feel good about living,

who brings out the you

who is joyful and giving-

Something that gives you a chance

to be strong, or trust in another 

to help you along-

Somewhere that you feel like

you've been forever-

a place where you're growing

and learning together-

This is the meaning of Love    

--The answer--

I've found the someone who accepts me as I am,

yet helps me to become a better, more fulfilled person ...

I've found the something the something

 that allows me to be strong

yet gives me comfort and support

whenever I need it...

I've found the somewhere  

that makes me feel sheltered and secure,

yet free to grow and develop

on my own..

I've found what it seems 

I had been looking for forever-

the beautiful, and very real,

meaning of love!

                                                           author unknown

As I sit here typing this blog, it has occurred to me that all we have to do to find the meaning of Love is open the Bible and read.  thank you for reading my blog    Sandra aka Fred

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"Is Brewer Photography having a sale soon?" https://www.heatherbrewerphoto.com/blog/2015/2/havingasalesoon Feb. 16, 2015

"Are you having any sales soon?" or"When are you going to have a special?" I receive these questions daily.  Brewer Photography offers a sale to each session or wedding we photograph.  The sale is called "Two Week Sale". The items on sale are prints, canvas and design your own book plus other items in your online gallery.

The sale is Brewer Photography's way to say "Thank you" for trusting Heather and I with your portraits and wedding. 

Are you a person that wants a very short session an hour or less?  Do you want digital files and no prints?  We offer Rights to Print 8x10 and smaller.  The session fee will be $75.  The session is only limit is the time frame.  After the session, you pick 5 images to be edited for $100.

Interested in our sale? Contact Brewer Photography at [email protected] or PM on FaceBook  

Let us know you read our Blog and get your session for 1/2 price.







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Sandra's Winter Sale https://www.heatherbrewerphoto.com/blog/2015/1/sandras-winter-sale  

Sandra’s Sale includes:
Offer includes session fee; up to 1 hour of shooting;  inside and outside portraits. You may also bring your own props.
You can pick your favorite 5 images to have retouched.
These 5 images are to fulfill the prints.
1-11x14; 4- 8x10; 2- 5x7; 24 wallets
$160.23 w/tax       Add $125.00 and receive the 5 images with rights to print.

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091 https://www.heatherbrewerphoto.com/blog/2013/6/091

Chris and Kiley wedding day has arrived!  Heather and I are ready for the big day.

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December Special from Heather and Sandra https://www.heatherbrewerphoto.com/blog/2012/12/december-special-from-heather-and-sandra We are offering as a "Thank you to our clients a special on 4x6 online ordering only.  The 4x6 price is $1.35 each and with a $50 order enter the coupon code of thankyou2012 and pay no shipping. 

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